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Immigration Exams

Immigration Exams in Lewisville, TX 75057

Applicants for US citizenship must undergo an immigration medical exam, which is performed by designated physicians. As a civil surgeon, Dr. Marcelo Brito is authorized to conduct these exams and provide all the necessary paperwork.


At Lakepointe Primary Care, we provide a full range of medical services to meet the immigration exam requirements for individuals of all ages. We strive to make the process easy and stress-free for our patients.

The Immigration Exam includes:


  • Laboratory testing required

  • Physical Exam

  • Immunization record review

  • Screening for tuberculosis

This process involves a two-day appointment schedule.


Day 1 appointment


For your 1st appointment please bring the following:

  • Completed Form I-693 Part 1 without a signature

  • A valid government-issued photo ID (Passport, ID card, or driver's license)

  • Immunization records with an official English translation (If available):

We are currently in the process of providing immunizations at our clinic. In the meantime, if you require immunizations, you can obtain them at a nearby pharmacy. Conveniently, there is a CVS located at Target across the street.

  • Payment, which is required at the time of your first visit (Cash or credit card accepted) give us a call or text us for pricing.

  • An interpreter proficient in English (if needed)

  • A list of your current medications

  • Lab testing 

Day 2 appointment (Between 7-10 days after Day 1)

Once we ensure that you have all the necessary lab testing results and documentation to complete the form, you will proceed to Day 2 with Dr. Brito for your physical examination. We will provide the signed and ready-to-submit Form I-693.

For more details or to schedule your appointment, text us at 972-315-8588.


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